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Zev | '86 | TX | Dragon

☼ Leo • ☾ Aries • ⇧ Aquarius

Zyraxus/Zev is a digital dragon artist living in Texas who specializes in character design and illustration.

This site and future projects are a work in progress! Follow me on Twitter or my Telegram Art Channel for the latest updates and posts.

Commissions and other custom work is closed while the existing queue is being completed.

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Adoptable Design Terms of Service

This TOS will be continually updated and revised as time goes on. It should cover anything you need to know! If you find you still have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I'll get back with you asap.

An adoptable is a premade character design you can purchase for personal use. Buying a design grants you rights to use the design, within reasonable bounds outlined below.

To adopt a character that is for sale, comment or DM me in order to make a claim. Doing so via the site you saw the adoptable is best, but any means of contact is valid.

Timestamps are taken into account in the case of two or more people making a claim at the same time--first claim gets dibs in the case of most flatsales unless otherwise mentioned.

Once you have won a character or slot, an email will be requested to send a paypal invoice to. Once payment is received, you will then be sent a note containing full resolution unwatermarked art of your new character and usually a smaller version for web display. Feel free to request alternate crops or file types at this stage.

Important: Full resolution is your proof of ownership in a way, it is not meant to be shared in its raw form. Feel free to put your own watermark on any art you do share to discourage those who might be inclined to steal/resell.

The majority of the adoptables I offer are of Undefined Species, or a species I'm not claiming as my own. These are meant for any universe or setting you choose. Examples of these include Dragons, Raptors, Sharks, etc. Sometimes the designs will be themed as hybrids of two species, like dinodragons, but these are still classified as an undefined species.

A Defined Species is one which has been specifically created for a worldbuilding project. At this time, the only defined species I offer are the Oshrathari, which are a pet project closed species connected to the larger world of Thaevern. Other species of Thaevern, such as Shiothek. Ahketthe. etc. are also defined species that will be made available in the future.

Payment is accepted as USD via Paypal invoice.
Payment is expected within 24 hours--message me if you think you need more time!

If payment isn't received and no contact made within 48 hours of an invoice being sent, it will be cancelled and the character will be relisted.

Refunds are typically not available for purchased characters, but you can always trade or resell them, or I can help resell them for you. (see TRADING AND RESELLING below)

Overall I encourage fun and freedom with my designs and I hope these rules help outline the bounds without being too restrictive. These designs are meant to be useful for RP, personal stories, D&D, 'sonas, art fodder, or as collectible and tradeable designs.

• You get to pick the character's name, gender, story and personality details

• You may create or acquire art and/or stories with your adopted character

• You may roleplay your character

• You may repost the purchased design however you like

• You may also crop and use their artwork for layouts or avatars

NSFW expressions of the design are okay, but keep it to appropriate venues and away from minors.

• The use of purchased designs do not reflect on my opinions or values, but I would prefer they not be used to promote hate or bigotry and may deny ownership if I think that will be the case.

For Defined Species You may choose to use the canon setting or any other setting or universe.

For Defined Species The world of Thaevern, the Keado system, the lore and species within are intellectual property created by Zevon "Zyraxus" Brigman–-these works are made available for personal use only. Please respect the work and do not claim as your own.

• You may freely use your purchased Undefined Species designs for commercial purposes such as merchandise, fursuits, prints, pins, etc. up to a limit of $5000 income per year per design for general merch OR up to $10k income if sold as a single fursuit -- above that further licensing will need to be negotiated.

• This limited commercial licence will be granted to Defined Species designs on a case-by-case basis, written permission necessary. Contact me with the details of what you'd like to do and I'll more than likely approve it.

• When posting your adopted character, please give credit. Sticking the name Zyraxus (or the responsible artist) somewhere is fine. This is only really necessary for the first time you post the character.

For Oshrathari: edits to the character’s physical design or coloration must be approved by me before posting the revised version. This is to check compatibility of coloration with established parameters and for quality control.

For Oshrathari: edits that increase the rarity of the adoptable’s traits or change the breed of the adoptable are not allowed.

For Undefined Species: edits, color changes, design revamps are all fine and don't need approval. If you can improve it while keeping the spirit of the original design, go for it!

For Undefined Species: changing overall traits like silhouette-altering elements or changing species while keeping the color design is fine.

For Defined Species: change of species while keeping the color design is considered an alternate form for a different universe. The defined species design still exists how it is, but you are free to explore alternate forms of them as well.

• You may freely add items and details to the character such as accessories, clothing, jewelry, weapons, scars, tattoos, etc.

• If you want me to make the edits, prices can be negotiated!

You may trade, gift, or resell designs.

• You may resell a design for the amount you paid or less.

• Additional artwork may only add value to the character when the artists who were commissioned allow for it–refer to their ToS.

Really important! When transferring ownership of an adoptable, give me a heads up so I can update my records and public owner lists.

• When buying/trading for one of my adoptables from someone other than me, check the masterlist of their species to confirm ownership status first. If there isn't one or you aren't sure, contact me and I'll confirm for you asap.

You may only gift/trade/sell what you own.

I am not responsible if you end up paying for a stolen design. Please contact me before buying if you aren't sure!

Requesting to claim one of my adoptable designs means you have read and understood these terms and agree to follow them. Breaking these terms could result in denial of future ownership. To cover my bases, I reserve the right to revoke ownership rights and issue a refund for any reason.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if I can clarify anything.

Thank you for making it all the way to the bottom.
Here's a tiny Zyraxus for your trouble.

© Zevon Brigman 2020


Shiothek • Charismatic • Optimist

he/him | cis | alien draconic | 21' long | 4' to the shoulder

He's a small dragon with a big heart and a curious spark. Kind of an obnoxious doofus but he means well.

He's covered in overlapping plate scales with a slight pearlescent sheen and flecks of glitter like car paint. These are tough but pliable, not impenetrable but decent as a protective element. Wing membranes are tough and leathery and gain a soft suede texture in the winter. Horns can be smooth, textured with ridges/grooves or faceted with planes. It's up to artistic preference.

Dorsal frill is flexible and made of flat scale growths like an iguana. These grow over time and can be trimmed.

Horns are actually tusks in structure, as well as the chin, arm, and foot spikes. These are very hard and kept sharp. They also grow over time.

Scales fringe and fray in the winter to create a soft silky coat of dense fur for the cold months. When the weather warms again, this coat is shed like a skin, revealing shiny new scales underneath.

Shiothek are a closed species by Zyraxus

© Zevon Brigman 2020


Xeolen • Hermit • Edgelord

he/him | masculine NB | ethereal draconic | six forms

Secondary sona, alternate reality incarnation of the sparklite Ricochet - Originally designed by b4dly-dr4wn

Ethereal and complicated existence. Rarely without clothing or a shroud or accessories of some sort. Design is up to artistic interpretation.

Exists in a pocket reality manifested by his mood and tastes. Unbound thought. Seeking, unraveling, freedom at a high cost.

He indirectly affects the collective reality he belongs to, unable to interact with it without destroying it, despite originating from there.

Xeolen are a closed species by Zyraxus

© Zevon Brigman 2020


Oshrathari • Perfectionist • Distant

they/them | agender | fluffy draconic | 2' to the shoulder

Retired sona // Guardian of Thaevern

Spends a lot of time asleep or meditating. Keeps healthy. Carries a heavy responsibility

• Body is covered in reflective silver flecks

• Leaves behind tiny particles of chrome glitter where they go

• Silver plate scales and silver
spine/claw tips are reflective metallic

• Long eartip whiskers

Oshrathari are a closed species by Zyraxus

© Zevon Brigman 2020